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Selecting flooring colours for your home
Like everything in life, trends in flooring come and go. It wasn’t too long ago, it seemed that every carpet we installed was either black or black. Suddenly, beige is selling like hotcakes.Maybe we can blame American house-flipping shows for setting the latest trends?
Even though there are trending colors, there is always the occasional bold customer that breaks away from the “normal” and selects a blue, green, or white carpet. It’s in our opinion, that following trends is often a safe bet for re-sale. However, going against the current trend can potentially create a WOW factor. Even for re-sale, the sought-after WOW factor can help a home sell for more.
When selecting colors for your home there are a few things to consider:

Light: If your home has a lot of natural light, you canuse darker tones in your flooring. If you have a naturally shaded home, it might be best to use lighter flooring in attempt to brighten your space. A good rule to remember is – lighter colours can make a room feel more open and spacious; darker colours can make a room feel more cosy and homely.

Purpose of the home: if your home is an investment, selecting a darker colour (or a colour with more character) will help hide any damages or stains. For carpet, this might be a textured loop pile or a 2-tonned fibre. For hard floors, this might be a timber look with more knots and variation in tones.

You: At the end of the day, you must live with your flooring decision. If you like grey, buy a grey flooring, if you like pink with purple poker-dots… well, you get the gist. If you want help and advice on what colour to select because you simply have no idea, you can always talk to a salesperson at Queensland Flooring Centre, and we can assist!