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Why should I purchase wool carpet?
23rd January 2023

“I Cannot Afford Wool!”

Wool is a natural fibre that isn’t mass produced in a warehouse from synthetic raw material. This can often make most wool carpets more expensive than other fibre types. Don’t let this general fact deter you from asking your carpet shop salesman about wool. If you appreciate all of the other benefits of wool, than you might be pleasantly surprised to know that manufacturers do make more affordable wool options to suit a mid-range budget.


Number 1 benefit of wool carpet…

Durability. Wool carpet has the best memory retention compared to all other fibre types. This means, that it will look newer for much longer, if you look after it.

We often tell our customers that purchasing wool carpet should be treated like purchasing your dream car. Look after it, and it will last you a lot longer than the cheap first car you purchased when you left home. Vacuum regularly; steam-clean roughly every 18 months or according to manufacturers guidelines, and if you spill anything, clean it straight away.

The lease known benefit – Natural home climate control…

Wool is a natural home insulator. In dry summer conditions, wool carpet can release moisture effectively cooling your home. In humid cooler conditions, wool carpet can absorb moisture and give off heat, and give a cleaner air quality.

An added benefit, you might find yourself using your air conditioner less which is a great bonus in the current rising energy prices!


Loop pile textured carpet is back in fashion! And wool carpets have some of the best modern designs. In fact, a lot of textured synthetic carpets are designed to mimic a natural wool.

Loop pile wool carpet is a great way to add a statement to your home.

Before you make a decision on what carpet is best suited for your home, be sure to check out the wool variety at a Queensland Flooring Centre flooring showroom either in Caloundra or Coolum on the Sunshine Coast.