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Should I put flooring into the bedrooms or keep them carpeted?
It is no secret that timber or timber look flooring is trending and there is no sign of the trend finishing any time soon. More commonly, people are wanting to see a consistent flow of flooring throughout the entire home including bedrooms, toilets,and other wet areas. Timber flooring in bedrooms can add sophistication to the rooms of a house which were once-upon-a-time often ignored.
A wise man once quoted “you pay for what you get”; this couldn’t be truer when it comes to carpet. We live in an age where manufactures are racing to introduce the next cheapest available product because that’s where the demand seems to be.To get a cheaper carpet, qualities must be sacrificed including in the durability department. Unfortunately for the carpet industry, this has created a challenge. You could say that carpet manufactures have dug their own hole! Now that customers are realising that cheap carpet doesn’t perform well, they are removing carpet from the picture completely, and opting for hard flooring options instead.
The truth is, investing in quality carpet can be the difference of loving carpet or hating it. Invest in a quality Solution dyed nylon, or even a wool carpet!
Carpet will always have its place in the market. Many people still like to step out of bed on a cold winter morning and feel the soft, warm fibres of a carpet underfoot. Carpet will always be the cheapest flooring option for anybody who needs to stick to a budget.