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Protect Your Floors! A few tips on way to get the most out of your new floors.

Protecting the floors in your home is essential for maintaining their longevity and overall appearance. Whether you have engineered timber, vinyl, hybrid, laminate, or carpet, there are several ways to keep them looking great. Here is a guide to help you preserve your floors and keep them in excellent condition:

  1. Use Rugs: Rugs not only add style and warmth to a room but also provide a protective layer for your floors. Placing area rugs in high-traffic areas helps prevent scratches and reduces wear and tear.


  1. Felt Pads for Furniture: Attach felt pads to the legs of your furniture to prevent scratches and scuffs when moving chairs and tables. These pads create a buffer between the furniture and the floor, preserving the surface underneath.


  1. Implement a No-Shoe Policy: Consider asking family members and guests to remove their shoes before entering your home. This helps minimize the amount of dirt, gravel, and moisture that can be tracked onto your floors, reducing the risk of damage.
  1. Regular Cleaning: Keep your floors clean by sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping regularly. Sand, dirt, and dust particles can act like sandpaper, causing scratches and dulling the finish of your floors. Check if your particular floor type is suitable for a seam cleaner before using one.


  1. Pet Care: If you have pets, ensure their nails are trimmed regularly to prevent scratches on timber or vinyl/hybrid floors. Place a mat under their food and water bowls to catch spills and prevent moisture from seeping into the floor.


  1. Be Mindful of High Heels and Heavy Furniture: High heels and heavy furniture can cause dents and scratches on floors. Avoid walking on engineered timber floors with high heels, and consider using furniture coasters or placing area rugs underneath heavy items to distribute the weight.
  1. Wipe Up Spills Immediately: Spills, especially on timber or laminate floors, should be cleaned up promptly to prevent the liquid from seeping into the seams and causing damage. Use a soft, absorbent cloth to blot the spill and then clean the area with a recommended floor cleaner.


  1. Protect Floors During Moving: When moving furniture or other heavy items, use furniture sliders or mats to prevent scratches. Lift furniture rather than dragging it across the floor to avoid damaging the surface.


Remember, preventing damage to your floors is an ongoing process that requires attention and care. By taking proactive measures and implementing these tips, you can maintain the beauty and integrity of your floors for years to come.