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Hybrid Flooring Vs Vinyl Flooring

The question which we find most customers are asking in 2022 – Hybrid flooring or Vinyl Flooring?

The general answer that most customers are seeking is often related to durability or appearance. The truth is, with the correct installation, both vinyl and hybrid can look amazing and have exceptional durability.

The real important differences between vinyl flooring and hybrid flooring can be simplified to application, expansion and the effect underfoot


Hybrid is a rigid floating floor product which includes the very best attributes from both laminated and vinyl flooring. A floating floor generally means that there is no glue required and the flooring is installed on an underlay. The benefit of this, is that the hybrid can be installed on majority of subfloors, including tiles!Provided that the subfloor is level, and stable, hybrid flooring will be suitable.

A vinyl flooring is more flexible. any imperfections in the subfloor will show through the flooring if not rectified. This means that more floor preparation may be required to get the best results, especially if installing vinyl flooring over tiles.

Because vinyl flooring is a glue-down installation, expansion around the perimeter is not required. Vinyl can be scribed tightly around the perimeter without having to remove wall skirting or cabinetry kickboards/panels. It is for this reason, that vinyl plank is often recommended in homes with brick or concrete wallsand no skirting. Maybe the end customer doesn’t want to remove and re-install skirting due to painting requirements.
Hybrid flooring requires expansion around the entire parameter of the flooring. This expansion gap typically covered by skirting, kickboards, or trims. The disadvantage of this, is that there may be areas in the floor requiring scotia or trims where the customer may prefer a more seamless effect. This is often the case for existing homes rather than new builds.
Effect Underfoot:
The overall effect underfoot for both vinyl and hybrid flooring can depend a lot on the subfloor. If the subfloor is uneven, a vinyl can appear more “wavey” whereas a hybrid can feel “hollower”. Since hybrid flooring isn’t glued down, there may be slightly more vertical movement – like in any other floating floor. With the right floor preparation, both flooring options will feel amazing underfoot.

The important thing to realise, is that selecting the right product for you is dependent on your home and what you as a customer is hoping to achieve. It is worth discussing further with a flooring specialist in your own home to help identify which flooring option will best suit you.